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"Dr. Gotea is a wonderful resource and knowledgeable healer. My first visit was for influenza that included severe head congestion and lethargy. She prepared a 3 part healing session that included a steam bath, acupuncture, and herbs. I kid you not, the next morning my congestion was gone and my energy was greatly restored...She has also provided superior wound care and reduction in muscle pain for my lower back and cervical region. She is passionate and dedicated to healing and has always given an accurate diagnosis with a quick and easy fool proof healing plan for all my conditions..."

Tanesha - September, 2019


“Dr. Alexandra Gotea is my care provider. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the healing experiences that I was receiving from this multitalented, intuitive and dedicated to the art of healing naturopathic doctor. 

Dr. Gotea literally changed my life when, after an intense hiking I suffered a bulged disc in my lower back, she told me that there was a chance of recovery without surgery. At that time, I was struggling with intense back pain, lack of mobility and lack of sensation in my lower legs. Dr. Gotea immediately decided on a plan consisting on a variety of therapeutic interventions from acupuncture, massage, acupressure with essential oils that relieved my pain instantly and restored my ability to walk. She, also, referred me to other professionals for complementary treatment and educated me toward self-healing.

I highly recommend Dr. Gotea for her gentle and individualized approach, high professional ethic, and her knowledge and skills of a variety of therapies across the cultures.”

Mihaela - February, 2020


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