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Philosophy on health, wellness and healing

Dr. Alexandra R Gotea ND, LAc wholeheartedly believes in working together in a trusting relationship with her patients towards a place of health and healing. She believes in the communion between mind, emotions, body and spirit and the effect these mutually have on one another and manifest as symptoms of dysfunction. Balancing these is key to the healing process.

Thru her studies, trainings and personal experiences, she learned that in many ways:

“our bodies are our storytellers!”

It is about deeply listening to the body and attuning to the expression of the impediment to health in an individual. She works towards creating a space where the patient can feel at home and be part of a nurturing environment to access their own healing potential.

In essence Western medicine is great for acute and emergent situations. Naturopathic and Chinese medicine are a medicine of the greater whole, it is relational and based on correspondences. It is about inter- and intra-relational of bio physical and bio chemical physiological expressions and how these mutually affect one another. The inter-relational aspects of oneself: mind, body, emotions and spirit are pivotal. Hence, these are medicines of prevention, promoting health and healing and working through chronic ailments by understanding the root cause.

You are invited to join your healing  journey...
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